Free Business workshops available in the coming month for ‘Small Business Month’ in October.

Our workshops be focusing on Business Resilience. For local businesses in our LGA, we have all become somewhat resilient to the impacts natural disasters bring. With multiple flooding events, bushfires and the long-lasting impact of the Covid Pandemic, considering these, and recent events that impacted our local community, it has become evident that many local businesses may not be prepared when it comes to unexpected accident or illness the impacts of having to operate within the community and how to navigate this.

First, Legal Documentation & Business Structure - What legal documentation is required to continuing to operate your business should change occur? Does your business structure allow for continued operation should change occur.

Secondly, the Impacts on Business Operations - How will your business continue to operate during this change. Will business operations have to be ceased or modified? What is the succession plan for management and responsibilities.

And our third topic, Effective Business Communication - How best to communicate with your customers, employees, suppliers. What are the key messages? Should a crisis communication plan be developed.

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